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                                  Food Vendor Application


Each vendor must have one Bigfoot related item to sell.   A picture of you Bigfoot food  item must be attached to your application.  This is a Bigfoot Festival and we are showcasing Bigfoot items so a good supply of your Bigfoot food item is required.  You must set up for the whole event. (June 7 6pm-9pm,  June 8 9am-9pm,  June 9 9am-4 pm) .  If you leave early, it will affect you ability to attend the following year.  If you cannot attend all 3 days do not apply.    Application does not quarantee acceptance to the festival.  You will be notified via invoice if your are accepted.  If payment is not received within 30 days of receipt of invoice, you will loose your space.


               Food Vendor Application
Complete all fields on the form below.  Not completing all fields will not permit the application to be sent.
Your booth must be open all 3 days of the festival.
June 7th 6p-9p.  June 8th 9a-9p June 9th 9a-4p
Water is not available at the festival venue.  Your garbage must be removed from your spot nightly.  
There will be a dumpster in close proximity for you to use.  
Cost per space is $350.00
Electrical requirements
Side unit you serve from
Upload your picture
If you selected as a Food Vendor of 2024 Festival, y
 If you meet the criteria for a Food vendor you will receive a payment link if you are selected.  Payment is due within 30 days or you will loose your space. Online payments only.ill receive a payment link within a week. Payment is due within 30 days or you will l space. Online payments only

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