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     2023 Forest County Bigfoot Hunting Regulations
   The rules will be posted and paper copies will be available at the registration table.  It is the partcipants responsibility to read them. 

1.  All participants must purchase a Bigfoot Hunting License to be eligible for any prize associated with the Bigfoot Hunt.

2.  Cost of a Bigfoot License is $10.00

3.  The hunting license is only good for the assigned hunter and is not transferable.

4.  Your Bigfoot hunt begins upon the purchase of your license.

5.  Hunting from a vehicle is permitted as well as use of lights for night hunting.

6.  The use of any type of firearm is prohibited and is cause for disqualification.

7.  A find is recorded with your cell phone camera.

8.  There are 10 Bigfoot Silhouettes placed in various locations in the forest. You must take a photo of each silhouette showing the unique number on each one.

9.  You must return to the Registration Table before 12 noon on Sunday June 11th with your photos of Bigfoot.  Check in before presenting your photos.

10. Determination of the winner will be the hunter that finds all of the silhouettes in the shortest amount of time.  In the event no hunter finds all of the silhouettes, the hunter that has found the most will be declared the winner.

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