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                                      Weekend  Schedule of events

June 10, 11,12

Marienville Town Circle


Friday June 10 

6 pm Event opens

6-9 pm  Vendors and Food Trucks

Brahctopus Band

 Bigfoot Hunt Registration Opens

   Saturday June 11 

9am-9 pm

Vendors,Food Trucks,Big Foot hunt

9-5 Kids Corner

10-12  C-93 Live Radio Broadcast

11:30 am Keynote Speaker- Amy Bue

12:30 pmKevin Aleksiejczyk

1:15 pm Jamie and Jenny King

2:00 pm Shawn "The Forkchop" Forker

2:45 pm David Taters Wickman

3:30-4:30 Speakers Round Table

4:30 pm Bigfoot calling contest

  Biggest Foot Contest

5 pm Wild Laurel Cloggers

6-9 pm Eyes on Him Blue Grass Band



    Sunday June 12  9am-3 pm

5K Event is at the Train Station

8:00 - 8:30 am 5k/Fun Run Tshirt pickup/Registration

9 am 5K  

10:15 Fun Run

9 am Vendors Food Trucks

Kids Coner 9-2

1- 3 pm Uptown Classic Band

2:30 Bigfoot Hunt winner announced

3 pm Event Closes

Meet the 2022 Keynote Speaker

A writer, teacher and certified Volunteer Naturalist   from Ohio, Amy became interested in the search for Bigfoot after seeing something  strange in Ohio's Mahoning County in 2012.  Amy's main research is in the ANF

Amy Bue

Her work has earned her  the 2018 Dedicated Bigfoot Researcher at the International Bigfoot Conference and the 2020 Bigfoot Community Choice Female Researcher of the Year Award

Amy Bue pix.jpg

Our Guest Speakers

David Wickman.jpg

David "Taters" Wickman

David is fasinated with searching for the unknown.  He has participated in numerous expeditions.  His expertise is his knowledge of the biomechanics for gate patterns of the bipedal origin.

Jami and Jenny King.jpg

Jami and Jenny King are the founders of "Bigfoot Field Evidence Evaluation Team"

(F.E.E.T) Their goal is to help others validated their own micro areas and to observe responsibly.

Kevin Aleksiejczyk.jpg

Kevin Aleksiejczyk

Kevin is a Civil Engineer and brings an analytical problem solving mindset to his interest in Bigfoot.  He is a member of Project Zoobook and is an active speaker for the organization

Sean Forker pix.jpg

Sean "The Forkchop" Forker

Sean has a long standing enthusiam for Paranormal phenomena and has been involved in many orgainzations and radio broadcasts.   He is currently connected with "The Sasquatch Experience" and is  working on a book on the truth of Sasquatch Experiences

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