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Weekend  Schedule of events June 9-11   Marienville Town Circle


   Saturday June 10  

8am-9 p

8 am Big Foot hunt registration

9 am Vendors open

Petting Zoo in the park 10 am-8 pm

Speakers Schedule

12 noon Dan Benoit 

1 pm Les O'Dell 

2:00  Bigfoot calling contest

2:30 Biggest Foot Contest

3 pm Justin Decker 

4 pm JW Burchick 

 Speakers Round Table

  Biggest Foot Contest

Trixx Band



    Sunday June 11  8am-4:30 p

5K Event at  train station 

registration 7:30 am race starts at 9

9 am Vendors Food Trucks

8 am- 11 am Bigfoot Hunting license

10 am-3 pm Petting Zoo  

12 noon Bigfoot Hunt Ends

12 noon Jim Bordwine

1 pm Mike Familant

2-4:30 Music by Route 8

3 pm Bigfoot Hunt winner announced

4:30 pm Event Ends

Friday June 9

6 pm Event opens

6-9 pm  Vendors and Food Trucks

 Bigfoot Hunt Registration Open

6- 9 pm Uptown Classic Hits Band

Meet the 2023 Keynote Speaker

Dan Benoit.jpg

Daniel Benoit is the founder of the East Coast Bigfoot researchers organization. A wildlife and Bigfoot researcher, h e is the founder of ECBRO (East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization),  This organization fosters a strong community of researchers and educates and brings awareness to everyone.  He is the author of "Wildlife & Bigfoot Field Guide", and participates in many podcasts and is a popular speaker at Bigfoot Events

Mike Familiant.jpg

Welcome Back Mike Familiant as our Master of ceremonies

Our Guest Speakers

Les O'Dell.jpg

Les O'Dell is the founder of West Virginia Cryptids and strange encounters.  

Jim Bordwine_edited.jpg

Jim Bordwine is the author of "The Mountain Man's Stories of Bigfoot.

JW B.jpg

JW Burchick   local author "Sapient : A Brush with unkwown" and "Teen Squatch"

Justine Decker.jpg

Justin Decker is a newcomer to the field of cryptozoology.  His life motto is "Live Fierce"

Merchandise and Food Vendor                  Application

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